Benefits of Hiring an Electrician

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ABCO Electric is proud to be one of the most trusted electricians on Long Island. We have years of experience working with people and time and again have shown to be a trusted name in the area. We understand that some people want to do things around the house themselves, but when it comes to the home's electricity it is best to leave that to a professional. There are benefits to turning to a professional electrician for your electrical services. Here are some common benefits you will get when you turn to ABCO for your electrical needs!

General Troubleshooting Issues

Arguably the number one reason for getting in touch with an electrician boils down to some general troubleshooting issues. Many people understandably do not want to mess with their home's electricity. When they need the best, they turn to ABCO Electric for professional attention and safely avoid any problems. Some of the more common troubleshooting issues we handle are flickering lights, non-working outlets, and tripped breakers. We will quickly and effectively get to the bottom of the issue and come to a solution that works for you.

Home Remodeling & Rewiring

When you remodel your home, you need to pay attention to the electricity. Making sure that it is set up properly is crucial. And oftentimes rewiring aspects is required, which means special attention. Our team can utilize any sort of electrical wiring in new and existing walls, floors, and ceilings. No matter what sort of renovation job you are doing, we can help make sure your electricity is running smooth.

Repair for Storm Damage

Stormy weather causes a lot of problems for homeowners. Our electricians are well-versed in helping fix homes from flooding, lighting strikes, and any other sort of damage that may occur during a storm. We do our best to help you navigate through this situation and get your home back up and running again. With everything working safely. Especially when it comes to flood damage, it can be dangerous attempting to fix it and needs the touch of an expert.

Outdoor & Indoor Installations

There are many lighting fixtures you can install in your home, both inside and out! And you want these fixtures installed properly. Some of the more popular projects we help with are ceiling fans, chandeliers, porch lighting, kitchen appliances, home networks, and electrical outlets. When summer rolls around, it is great to do stuff outside. But be ready and have the best electrical setup for it. Or perhaps you need a hookup for a new appliance. We can do that too! Whatever home project you are looking to complete, we can assist.

Expert Lighting Design

So not only do we just install these lighting fixtures, but we can help with the design! We have years of experience working on all sorts of projects both inside and outside the home. We know exactly where the lighting needs to be to ensure everything is well-lit. From your kitchen, to workspaces, to outdoor lighting, we can make sure the lighting is just right and everything looks beautiful. For more information about our electrical services, please get in touch with us.

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When you reach out, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation. Turn to the best electrician on Long Island! ABCO Electric is here for all of your electrical needs. From home repairs to commercial installations, we can do it all!