Fire and Water Damage Repair

ABCO Electric is a licensed and insured Long Island contractor. We perform many different tasks, including fire and water damage repair. This can be electrical repair or rebuilding after a fire. There are many aspects that need to be properly handled, especially when it comes to electrical repair. Only a professional should be handling that issue after a fire or flood. Because any missteps can cause even bigger problems.

Hundreds of gallons of water can be used when fighting a fire, which means that water damage will invariably occur. Obviously, it is needed to keep the house from burning down, but the combination of fire and water damage can be devastating. Restoration after a fire is a must. Survey the damage and assess what may need to be replaced or repaired. When it comes to water damage, though, sometimes it is not so clear. Water can get to places that are out of sight of the naked eye, which can lead to some long-term issues. Get professional water and fire damage repair with ABCO Electric! When you turn to us, you will be getting repair work that is affordable and reliable.

Electrical Repair for Fire & Water Damage on Long Island

ABCO Electric has years of experience in the field and provides dependable fire and water damage repair for homes and businesses throughout Long Island. It can be debilitating to live through a fire or flood. We want to be there for you, because we know how terrible it is. We can be there for you in a timely fashion, because we know how quickly you want to get back to living normally. For more information about our electrical services, please contact us today. 

Get an Estimate

When you reach out, we will get back to you promptly, because we know the urgency involved with these sorts of issues. We will come down and properly assess the situation to determine the extent of the work and provide you with a free estimate. Our fire and water damage electrical repair services will get your home or business back up and running again.