Gas & Oil Burner Hookups

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ABCO Electric offers a wide range of dependable electrical services for people across Long Island, which includes the gas and oil burner hookups. Sometimes when you buy a new gas appliance, it comes with an installation package. But that is not always the case. And we do not recommend that you install the gas appliance yourself. It might be tempting to save that money and do it yourself, but the hookup will require removing the existing appliance, disconnecting the gas lines, cleaning all connections, wrapping the pipe to ensure a leak-free connection, and securing the line to the new appliance. And some appliances may require a new or extended pipe run or connection to a flue or vent. It is no walk in the park! And likely requires a professional hand. Not to mention that if you do try and make a mistake it can be costly both for your wallet and for your health.

So if you need a gas or oil burner hookup, turn to ABCO Electric. We have years of experience working in the electrical field on Long Island. Over this time, many have come to trust the electrical services we provide home and business owners. Get a professional on your side to ably handle the hookup of an oil or gas burner.

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When you reach out, we can help you decide on the best route forward. On top of the hookup for gas and oil burners, you can turn to ABCO for many different types of electrical services for both homes on Long Island, as well as business and commercial projects.

Why You Should Hire a Pro for Oil and Gas Burner Hookups.

There are a few obvious reasons why you should hire the team at ABCO for any gas or oil burner hookups. Let's read a little more on why this is a good idea!


The #1 reason to hire a professional for gas and oil burner hookups is safety. Natural gas is highly flammable and any leaks will increase the risk of fire and explosion. Minor leaks can lead to physical symptoms, such as difficulty in breathing, dizziness, fatigue, and drowsiness. And in some cases, a gas leak can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. So be safe and choose the professionals at ABCO for any electrical hookups of gas and oil burners.

Proper Venting

The installation of some gas appliances may require new vent pipes or flue installations or connections to an existing one. This means proper ventilation is critical for everyone's safety. Our team understands and follows all codes regarding proper venting for the home.

Permit Application

New York requires a permit to fit a new oil or gas burner into a home. So, this is good reason to turn to a professional when it comes to the installation process. The homeowner can apply for a permit for some jobs, but that is not the case for a gas permit. When you turn to ABCO, you ensure professional care with the hookup of a gas or oil burner.

Invalidated Insurance Coverage

The history of repairs can impact the future sale of the property. When selling a home, an inspector will look into any installed gas appliances to check whether or not they are permitted. And that the repair technician followed the correct procedures at the time of installation. So by not having a professional handle this, you are putting the future of your home at risk. 

Post-Installation Inspection

On top of requiring the correct permit for an oil or gas burner hookup, an inspection after the installation is necessary in order to verify that everything is up to code. Again, this is contingent on obtaining the proper permit for the installation of the burner in the first place. Avoid hassles with a post-hookup inspection by turning to ABCO Electric!