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When you buy a new home on Long Island, professional wiring services are a must. That is where the electrical technicians at ABCO Electric can come in handy! Our new home wiring services encompass a wide array of aspects surrounding your home's electrical system. Our residential electrical services are available for homeowners throughout Suffolk County, Long Island. We are a licensed and insured company and can help you with any of your home wiring needs. Our staff will make sure all of the electrical outlets and wiring for your new home are up to code and safe to use.

New Home WiringNew Home Wiring For Long Islanders

It can be stressful to move into a new home. And of course, you have done your due diligence before moving in. But sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your home's electrical system. Once you are moved in and settled we can come and inspect your home to make sure everything is in safe, working order.

These home wiring services also extend to any time you buy a new appliance or remodel your home. New appliances sometimes change the electrical output of your home. And of course, when you remodel your home the electrical systems need to be properly checked before any job is started. So, before you go ahead and start that basement renovation you have always wanted to do, make sure your home's wiring system can handle the upgrade. 

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ABCO Electric has years of experience in the field and provides new home wiring services that are safe and reliable. We offer our services for homeowners throughout Suffolk County, Long Island. If you have bought a new home and are looking for someone to work on the electrical circuits, then we are the team for you. For more information about our wiring services, please reach out to us today.

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When you reach out, we will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our bevy of electrical services. We can also provide you with a quick, free estimate for the potential work.

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