Professional Outlet Services

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ABCO Electric provides professional electrical outlet services for clients throughout Long Island, New York. We work in both commercial and residential settings, so whether the outlet in question is in your home or at your place of work, we can get the job done! It is dangerous to let older outlets that may not be working up to par continue to be used. When outlets begin to fail, it can lead to hazardous situations, such as electrical fires. Or less severe outcomes like flickering lights.

For more information about our electrical services, please get in touch with us today. The number for our office is 631-467-4445. When you call, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation to go over the outlet services that you need. Whether it is more on the repair end or if you need an outlet installed.

Why Choose Our Outlet Services?

Whether you are installing some new appliances or remodeling your home, you may need to have some work done with your outlets. Under certain circumstances, you might need someone to repair or install new electrical outlets and switches. All modern electrical outlets provide flexible, safe and reliable power delivery throughout the home or office. When we work on an outlet, we make sure our services cover whatever needs to be done. From professional repairs to new installations, we will examine the issue and move forward with the right actions. Many across Long Island turn to ABCO for professional outlet services and our results speak for themselves!

Dependable Outlet Repair

There comes a time when you notice that some electrical outlets may not be working as well as they used to or failing to hold the plug in anymore. What this means is that it may be time for our outlet repair services. Having outlets that are not working properly can be dangerous. Not only can they result in a serious shock, but they are also a fire hazard. 

One aspect to notice is if the outlet sparks when you plug or unplug an appliance. That is a a big sign that you may need a new outlet. Get the help of a professional to work on the electrical aspects of your home or business.

The standard home has an electrical outlet with two three-pronged, polarized receptacles. Each of these receptacles has a 120-volt "hot" wire, a neutral wire and a ground. Building codes require both ground or bound wire, which ensures a safe delivery of electrical power throughout the home or office.

New Outlet Installation

Sometimes the work goes beyond repair. And yes, repair work oftentimes results in having to install a new outlet. This is something that needs to be left up to the professionals. It is dangerous for a novice to attempt to work on this on their own.

But sometimes you simply need a new outlet. This may be due to needing new wiring for your home. Or perhaps a restoration project reveals the need for new wiring in the home or office. Either way, our outlet services will safely take care of this issue and install a new outlet that works properly.