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ABCO Electric offers a wide range of commercial and residential electrical services on Long Island, including phone and cable jack repair. The cost of installing a phone jack can be a costly undertaking depending on the size of the facility or home. Telephones used to be much more important before the advent of cell phones, but many homes still carry a landline. But more importantly, many businesses utilize landlines on a daily basis. So having the proper phone jack installation is crucial. Cable jacks are much more frequent in our workload, since they carry an oversized load in terms of a home or business. Everyone needs the internet, so having a working cable line is important to any home or office. Get professional phone and cable jack repair when you turn to ABCO Electric.

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When you turn to our team, we can install phone and cable jacks anywhere in your home or office. We will use our set of tools to make sure the job is done with an assurance you'd expect from an experienced electrical repair team. We have worked on many jobs and, so nothing is too difficult. We will find a way to make sure this installation gets done in a safe and efficient manner. Other similar electrical jobs we do include new home wiring, outlet services, and wiring troubleshooting.

Common Phone Jack & Wiring Costs

A phone jack with one outlet roughly costs $3 to $10, while a jack with multiple outlets costs $5 to $10. Phone wiring with four twisted pairs and good shielding approximately costs about $0.15 per foot when you buy 100 feet of it. The phone jack and subsequent wiring are the two major components for installing a phone jack. Each phone device requires at least one pair of wires to connect it, which our electrical repair team can effectively handle.

On top of the jack itself, a simple phone installation only requires wire strippers and a screwdriver, which usually costs under $10 each. This type of jack installation requires the phone jack to connect to one or more pairs of existing wires. Many modern houses on Long Island have 6P6C modules, which means 6 position, 6 conductor modules. These modules allow us to connect up to three pairs of wires to it. One wire in each pair is the "tip" for that line, while the other wire is the "ring."

The we come to common digital phone service costs, which usually wind up around $10 per month. The major cable providers offer homeowners the ability to plug their landlines into their cable modem, as if it were a regular phone jack. The modem then uses an internet signal to send and receive all voice communications. The main issue with digital phones and their services is that it requires an internet connection, which is a lot less reliable than a landline. So if you have internet issues that are messing with your phone, then the installation of a phone jack can be a simple and affordable option.

Issues with Wall Access

One of the common issues we run into with phone and cable jack installations and repair is wall access. The cost of labor can easily double or triple if we have limited access to the inter-wall spaces in a home or office. When working on a new home, we can simply run the cables from the telephone pole to the jacks before the drywall goes up. However, this is not possible in an existing home, which can lead to some issues with the installation or repair. When wall access is a problem, we might need to make a series of small holes at various locations, pulling the cable from one hole to the next.

FAQs About Phone & Cable Jack Installations & Repairs

Do Electricians Install Phone Jacks?

Yes, electricians, such as those at ABCO Electric, can install phone jacks.

How Much Does It Typically Cost to Get a Cable Jack Installation?

It depends on the situation. A simple installation only requires the phone jack, which can cost under $10. However, the cost goes up a lot if you need new wiring. We can come down and assess the situation and come up with a plan of action that is quick and affordable.

How Do I Add a Phone Jack to a Room?

Adding a new phone jack to a room consists of connecting one or more pairs of wires to the jack and attaching the jack to the wall. The biggest hurdle of this project is determining the correct terminal to attach each wire to. Due to our years of experience, we can ably come to a conclusion and add the new jack without an issue.